Assign a password to your Galaxy Tab. The most secure way to lock the Galaxy Tab is to apply a full-on password. Unlike a PIN, a password can contain numbers, symbols, and both upper- and lowercase letters. Set a password by choosing Password from the Configure Screen Lock window. The password you select must be at least four characters long.

Lock passwords or patterns in smartphones are meant to give the users full privacy and so they can use their phone according to them. if you are running Samsung device, be it Samsung phone or tablet, Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note series or Galaxy Tab series, this article is going to provide you the tutorials on how to change password on Samsung tablet or phones. Part 1. How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 Password / PIN / Pattern with Dr.Fone Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) is a state-of-the-art unlock program designed to simply and safely remove lock screen passwords / pins / patterns and fingerprints from Android phones. "Simply" means all you have to do to unlock your Galaxy S3 is connect it to your computer, click your mouse and regain access to I just set up a second email account on my Samsung S3, but don't know how to access it. I have an AOL account for people, and a Yahoo account for the other stuff I get like shopping. The AOL is my default account, but I still need to check the Yahoo account. I hope you can help me. Thanks. FACTORY RESET (aka HARD RESET) and FORMAT the SAMSUNG GALAXY S3. There are two ways to do it: Using Settings itself: If you can Power On your Galaxy S3 and are able to use it, this is the easiest and best option. Using Hardware keys. We use combination of keys to enter special mode for the factory reset and do it from there. The Galaxy S3 comes with a really useful feature called remote controls, which allows you to locate your phone from Samsung's website as well as remotely lock and erase it.

A Google account can be used to back up your data, download applications from the Play Store, and transfer your data to a new device. The type of data that can be backed up: Google Contacts data, Google Calendar events and settings, Wi-Fi networks and passwords, Wallpaper, Gmail settings, Apps, Display settings (brightness and sleep), Language and input settings, Date and time, Settings and

As a result your SAMSUNG T820 Galaxy Tab S3 will be as new and your Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 MSM8996 core will run faster. First method: Begin by holding down the Power key for a short while in order to turn off the SAMSUNG T820 Galaxy Tab S3. Next, press and hold simultaneously the Volume Up + Home + Power button for a few momements. You should Register the Galaxy with Samsung. Use the Find My Mobile service to temporarily reset the password. Bypass the lock screen using the new temporary password. Set a new password. Reset Password with Factory Reset. Turn off the Galaxy. Press and hold the Volume up button, the Home button, and the Power button at the same time until you see the

All the news on Samsung Galaxy S3 mini in our articles.. How to change your PIN code on your Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. You may want to change the PIN code on your Samsung Galaxy S3 mini for several reasons.. Security is often the point raised when one wants to change the PIN code of a device.

10.8 My Samsung Galaxy S3 phone is unlocked for international use by AT&T with Android ver. 4.3. Most of the features do work with international SIM card (local to the traveling country) but the WiFi HOTSPOT feature. Same SIM works perfectly in other phones for HOTSPOT. Then you can enter the password you set on your Samsung Galaxy S3 mini to access as usual. A small recap on patterns on your Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. A lock screen is a user interface element used by many operating systems, as the one on your Samsung Galaxy S3 mini.