How to Build a Raspberry Pi File Server

Mar 13, 2020 How to make a Raspberry Pi media server - Electromaker A super neat media server software option for the Raspberry Pi is Icecast. This streaming media server supports the likes of Ogg, Opus, mp3, WebM, and more. Notably, you can use Icecast to make an Internet radio station in addition to its functionality as a personal Netflix or Spotify type server. Raspberry Pi as a Personal Cloud Storage - ExtraTechTalk

On Mac or Linux, run the touch command while in the boot directory to create a blank ssh file: touch shh. 5. Safely remove or eject the card from the computer and insert it again in your Raspberry Pi.. 6. Boot up Raspberry Pi. Every time you turn on the Pi board, the device looks for the ssh file. When the device finds the file, then SSH is enabled automatically.

How to set up an FTP server on the Raspberry Pi - The Pi

Aug 29, 2019

Jan 13, 2014 Adding an External Disk to a Raspberry Pi and Sharing it Mar 30, 2018 How to set up an FTP server on the Raspberry Pi - The Pi Whatever the reason, it’s a good idea to learn how to set up an FTP server on the Raspberry Pi. With FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol, also known as Secure File Transfer Protocol), you can transfer files from your Raspberry Pi to your other computers and vice versa.