Mar 10, 2014 · Also, running the task as a different administrator account is even worse, so…do as you like here. Secure the location of the script files, at least do that. Good or bad, it is still a fact that some people in some situations want to do this, run a script as system, perhaps for the simplicity of it, for not having to rely on service accounts

This trick works by setting up a scheduled task to run the target application in Administrator mode for you. You can then create a desktop shortcut that tells the task to run, which will bypass the UAC prompt the next time you click the shortcut. RELATED: How to Automatically Run Programs and Set Reminders With the Windows Task Scheduler Yes since this is a "between servers" task, I cannot use a local account. As far as Windows is concerned, the job finishes successfully. It's the Robocopy operation in the CMD file that generates the access denied errors - but only run as a scheduled task. Run the same CMD file manually, and it succeeds. Apr 18, 2019 · Search for Command Prompt, right-click the top result, and select the Run as administrator option. Type the following command to delete a scheduled task and press Enter : Syntax Apr 30, 2019 · On an event – you can trigger a scheduled task whenever a particular event happens in the Event Viewer logs. So, for instance, every time that event 5133 shows up in the log, run a task that emails somebody. At task creation/modification – essentially you are creating a task that runs automatically once the task is created. It’s a way for Through this way we can run the PS1 script run as an Administrator on schedule task, if PowerShell script only be work when execute it via Run as Administrator. Also Read: Enable Powershell Remoting on Windows server 2008 R2 and 2012. Run with highest privileges task scheduler. Also try configuring task scheduler with run with highest privileges The Start-ScheduledTask cmdlet starts a registered background task asynchronously. Examples. Example 1: Start a registered scheduled task. PS C:\> Start-ScheduledTask -TaskName "ScanSoftware" This command starts a task named ScanSoftware in the root folder. Example 2: Start all tasks in a folder Specifies to disable the scheduled task. /it: Specifies to run the scheduled task only when the run as user (the user account under which the task runs) is logged on to the computer. This parameter has no effect on tasks that run with system permissions or tasks that already have the interactive-only property set.

Scheduled tasks are saved in C:\Windows\System32\Tasks folder as xml files (with no extension). To allow non-admin users to view and run a task, find the task(s) in question and change permissions to allow Read and execute for your chosen user or group (as you would for any other file or directory).

May 17, 2014 · Task Scheduler: the operator or administrator has refused the request (0x800710E0) I have several auto tasks scheduled running in the morning. They run a .cmd file.

I was trying to create a task for account Administrator via powershell, and was logged on as regular user. The task didn't run even when executing from Task Scheduler manually, and kept saying 'The task has not yet run. (0x41303)' in 'Last Run Result'. Same for Scheduled jobs. And if I edited in Task scheduler it didn't ask for password. Scheduled Tasks. If a scheduled task invokes a UAC prompt, then the task may fail to run unattended, to prevent this make sure that you select the 'Run With Highest Privileges' check box, (or run Set-ScheduledJobOption-RunElevated)