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Scotland Yard | Definition of Scotland Yard by Oxford 1 The headquarters of the London Metropolitan Police, situated from 1829 to 1890 in Great Scotland Yard off Whitehall, from 1890 until 1967 in New Scotland Yard on the Thames Embankment, and from 1967 in New Scotland Yard, Westminster.. 1.1 Used to allude to the Criminal Investigation Department of the London Metropolitan Police force. Scotland Yard Police Hierarchy | hierarchy in police 2017-11-14 · The Scotland Yard Police is the largest police force organized in a well-knit hierarchy in UK and also among the largest police forces in the world. The Scotland Yard police hierarchy uses the standard British ranks for police officers and forms a uniform officer designation structure. Following is the Scotland Yard police hierarchy followed in Scotland Yard | signification, définition dans le

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Scotland yard definition, a short street in central London, England: formerly the site of the London police headquarters, which were removed 1890 to a Thames embankment (New Scotland Yard). See more. Scotland Yard definition and meaning | Collins English 2020-7-18 · Scotland Yard definition: the headquarters of the police force of metropolitan London , controlled directly by the | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Scotland Yard | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary Scotland Yard meaning: the main office of the London police force, or the officers who work there, especially those…. Learn more. Scotland Yard dictionary definition | Scotland Yard defined 2020-1-14 · Scotland Yard definition: 1. short street in London, off Whitehall, orig. the site of police headquarters 2. headquarters of the metropolitan London police, on the Thames embankment since 1890officially New Scotland Yard 3. the London police, esp. the detec